Thursday, July 3, 2008


Looking out the window, the world seemed like beautiful place. The stars shining down, she wanted to reach out and grab one. It felt so close, yet that much far away.

All she ever wanted was to have that first kiss. As cliched and cheesy as it sounded, she wanted to find out if one's leg really raised backwards involuntarily with a touch of those lips. The first kiss did come, only when she had forgotten about it.

Then, it was that job she wanted. Always wanted to touch the sky and bring a piece of the universe back with her. She wanted to run that stable so bad. But, it was no time to live your dreams when she had to work to stay afloat. Being a receptionist payed. And pay was what she could take home not stardust.

And after that, him. Giving him up was probably the most difficult thing yet, or so she thought. She had to, for him. He was all that she ever wanted in a man. Ah! When would she ever learn to give up dreaming? Maybe not in this lifetime. She still envisioned him in her room asking her to think about them again. She refused.

The stars. They were never that far away. She now hoped and dreamed each night of fighting the disease. She wanted to face the world without a wig on her head. The only dream that she hoped to realise. She may not have had the first kiss, or the job or even him. She still had the ability to dream and the hope to sustain her.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Not yet

Calling you again, for the umpteenth time
I wish you'd answer and relieve me.

Each time you have turned your back
I stand there waiting so you'd turn around.

Never did I lose hope that you will be gone
But you do try the hardest to prove me wrong.

I call and I call only for you to ignore
I shan't give up yet for I still believe-

In you and me and us together forever
In my love and yours and ours however-

You go away far again, I chase and I run
I do everything but I don't quit.
Written on Quitting for Sunday Scribblings.

Friday, May 2, 2008

All in a day's work

Life is not easy. Most days it just a series of small sacks I have to carry. Other days its a harried search for elixir. It gets really tiring. The grey monotony just kills the little light in me. Sometimes I want to break free. I just need to! I cannot bear to walk the same path, looking at the same sights. The boredom depresses me.

I have tried to stray. Leave my companions and make a life of my own. Oh! How have I tried doing that? Somehow, Fate plays a cruel hand with me and I make my way home giving up my dreams of breaking free, yet again. I go back hoping to give Fate the big Rightbackatcha! The taste of hope is lovely. I liken it to the taste of the first morsel of rice in drought-stricken winters.

I dream. I build castles of sand and water. Those castles that will never ever be realised. Who has ever heard of sand and water making a castle without sturdy stones? I keep working. bringing myself back to the same old dreary life that I am leading. Still hoping. Dreaming!

"Hey Barney, you are breaking the line!", cried Moe.

"Sorry, mate!". Life is tough being an ant.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Crumbled Paper

Scrawled across the white page
Blue words of love true.
With each word I try to explore
The depths of my heart.
I scratch those words away
Frustrated by the futile efforts.
No matter how hard I strive
I don't get to compose.
Realisation dawns on me.
What I have for you is love.
It cannot be bunched in words,
Only be felt as a warm cloud.
Written on the prompt "Compose" for Sunday Scribblings.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Everyday Hero

Every morning, she wakes up with the hope of making her life better than it was yesterday. She opens her eyes and looks at the line of little bodies sleeping snuggled against each other.
She moves about in the kitchen preparing their meals and leaves for work for the day. Every house she goes too, she is greeted by a mountain of dirty dishes to clean, ambushed by tonnes of clothes to launder along with sweeping and cleaning the household. She keeps going at it like a woman possessed. Each time she almost gives up, she can picturise those tiny hands which expect food in their little tummies and she gets a new urge to get better and work again.

Life never was easy for her. She was brought up in a poorer home than hers. Raised to get married right after she reached puberty. A husband and children before she turned twenty. He had left her to spend the rest of his life in a drunken stupor. Here she was, barely a woman and she was responsible for lives. Without an education she could only opt for working as a maid. Sometimes when she had the time she worked for the City Crew which swept the streets in the middle of the night.

She got home late in the evening. Teaching her eldest to look after her younger children was only one of her little blessings. She refused to give her children a life that she had had. She will make sure each of her little ones gets an education, strives to save each rupee so her children can have everything that she did not. After dinner, she leaves home to join the City Crew. As she walks along the dusty streets she smiles. Glad, that she can hold her head high. Triumphant she is, her own hero.
Propmt from Writer's Island- Triumph.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


One after another
Each stronger with time
Pelting down at her.
She is strong
And aware of it,
Takes the beating.
In the dark hours
Smiling to herself
Licking her wounds.
Faces another day
With a fresh start
For, she is fearless.
Prompt from sunday scribblings - Fearless.


He felt small droplets of sweat trickling down his spine. When the lady next to him gave him that wide-eyed look, it struck him that he was hyper-ventilating. He felt like reaching for the nearest paper bag but his fingers were shaking so wildly that he just pressed his hands firmly on his lap. The smell of coffee wafted in the air. It made him bolt and rush out to the nearest restroom.

"Damn! I should have taken it!" , he thought. Too bad he forgot his anti-motion sickness medication for his flight.

Written for this week's prompt "flight" from Writer's Island